Unplanned Destiny

Unplanned Destiny

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by Paulami Datta Gupta

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Headstrong and independent Mahi has turned her back on her parents and moved to Mumbai to avoid an arranged marriage. She is finally living life on her own terms and loving every minute of it when she receives that fateful phone call that is to change her life. Her beloved cousin Rasika has been despicably used and abandoned by media tycoon Veer Khurana. Spurred by an urge for revenge. Mahi moves to a new job and a new city to get close to Veer, and plans to destroy him just as he destroyed Rasika, whom he deserted by leaving her pregnant, unmarried and alone. But things don’t go as planned. Things grow awry when she finds herself forced into marriage with the very man she despises. Her carefully drawn plans are turned upside down when she finds hereself falling in love with the enemy. Who is the real Veer? And what of Rasika now? Mahi realises she has no choice in the matter but to give in to her unplanned destiny.  

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Dimensions 15 x 120 x 180 cm


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