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THE SACRAMENTS ARE JESUS Author: Fr Franklin Lobo, CSsR Genre: Catechism -The Sacraments have always had a very special place in the life of the Church and so in the life of the Christian believer. In this book, author meaningfully draws out the rich meaning of the sacraments by taking them out of the realm of the ritual and placing them rightly in the context of Gift, the gift of the Father, Jesus.

In this book, the catechism on the sacraments is clearly brought out. Jesus is most important, yet without the ceremony, we cannot meet/receive Him. Each sacrament is explained using a new way – 4 aspects of each sacrament through a diagram. A summary for each chapter will help teachers and those who wish to do intensive study. The basic thought pattern takes into account human psychology, and our deep human need for love and fulfillment. This book, simple in style, practical in approach and yet profound in its very relevant matter will be a source of inspiration and deepening of this precious gift of the Sacraments.

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