The Essential Handbook for Classroom Catechists

The Essential Handbook for Classroom Catechists

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The book is especially designed for teachers and religious who are faithfully engaged in teaching catechism to the children and youth in their respective institution or Parish. This handbook is divided into three parts. The first part is about the catechist and catechesis. It consists of ­five chapters and starts with the vocation of the catechist, the language used in catechesis, the art of catechesis which covers the principal as well as the subsidiary sources of catechesis, the life-long process of catechesis and ­finally invites us to look at Mary as a model in the process of catechesis. The second part deals with Jesus, the perfect model for catechists, the different learning and teaching styles, the different models and approaches in catechesis, the use of textbooks, planning the lessons and it ends by offering some concrete tips to the classroom catechists. The third part informs selected references of catechism books, resources that are connected with catechesis and the renewal centers for catechist training in India.

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