Shelter for His Lotus

Shelter for His Lotus

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Having escaped a traumatic and abusive marriage, Tamara has just started life afresh as a primary school teacher. During an unexpected confrontation with her ex-husband’s friend, to her rescue comes Sharan ‘Sunny’ Roy, a complete stranger, towards whom she finds herself strangely drawn. Though the attraction seems to be mutual, Tamara’s blow-hot-blow-cold behaviour leaves Sharan confused and suspicious. He knows that she has a past about which she has not confided in him. Then winds from the past blow back into Tamara’s life; Sharan has to play ‘knight in shining armour’ again. He is now aware of her dark ‘secret’ that lurks close, wailing to swoop in. Can Sharan shelter Tamara from her past? More important, will he?   

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Dimensions 15.00 x 120.00 x 180.00 cm


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