Shades Within Shadows

Shades Within Shadows

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We live in shadows of varying shades, from hues of darkening night. Within the shades of many shadows, our stories spawn and mature, some preserved and written about. Shades within Shadows tell one such tale of an entire community sucked into a maelstrom that devastates and nearly destroys them. Forced out of Goa by the ominous shadow of war, epidemics and the Santo Officio, immigrants to Kanara fell under another of the darkest shade, that of the Shadow of God. Shades within Shadows is the story of Jaki, Zuan, Joao, Foka and Paulu, Konngi, Karminn anf Katrin, Natl and Bastio, and of others, during the turbulent months of Tippu’s siege of Mangalore fort and its horrendous aftermath.


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