River Or The Ocean – A Call for Togetherness

River Or The Ocean – A Call for Togetherness

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Dr S Arulsamy has brought out this book on the very important theme of the Evangelical Mission of the Church today. The book leads one to open his mind to act on the new horizons of Mission in the Church. It rightly emphasizes the importance of kenosis on the part of the Christian community, living within larger society. Without compromising the Christian faith-commitment to the challenging newness and transforming experience of Christ and his Church, the author articulates clearly and systematically how to proclaim Christ meaningfully through dialogue with cultures and religions revealing the True God, the Living Water of both river and the ocean.

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Dr. S.  Arulswamy

This book is an attempt to bring together significant topics from Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology in one place. This book provide a useful reference to students, faculty, researchers and other interested readers interested in the tools of communication and public discourse and their influence on social thinking and community functioning. Main topics like globalization of media, ethical dimensions of investigative reporting, advertisement and the identity of women in India, social media as a tool of political communication, development and culture, human rights and more are discussed in this book. An elaborate index at the end helps the reader to refer the topics easily.


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