Love Sees No Reason

Love Sees No Reason

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Suraj’s hasty marriage to a complete stranger Ria Nair, makes Suhaan become suspicious about the sister-in-law he has never met. The fact that the couple adopt a baby immediately after the wedding, only serves to increase his antagonism. Who is this Ria, and why did she marry his brother? Suraj dies, forcing Suhaan to return to the homestead to take over the family business. That’s when the inevitable happens – he comes face to face with his brother’s widow and discovers that he is attracted to her. On one level, Ria is all innocence and vulnerability. On another, is her mysterious and hurried marriage to his brother. She could be a gold digger. Is his attraction for her mere lust – or could it be … love?   

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Dimensions 15 x 150 x 180 cm


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