Love Eventually

Love Eventually

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by Tahmina Khaleel

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Twenty-one-year-old dentist Alishba Hassan is a hopeless romantic who doesn’t doubt that she will have her ‘happily-ever-after’ – until she is introduced to the fiance of her parents choosing, Dr. Ayaan Syed. The fun loving and effervescent Alishba couldn’t be more different from the calm and sedate Dr.Syed. His serious outlook on life is in complete contrast to her own. Ayaan’s behavior makes it clear to Alishba that he is less than happy about the arrangement. The parents however, are convinced that the young couple are made for each other; a truth that Alishba finds difficult to digest. The reluctant courtship that follows their engagement, takes them on a roller coaster ride of emotions and discoveries about the other. Will it be love eventually?  

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Dimensions 15 x 120 x 180 cm


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