John’s Sunday Homilies Cycle-B

John’s Sunday Homilies Cycle-B

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The Knight of faith”said Kierkegaard,”is able to express the Sublime in the pedestrian absolutely.” The Homilies in the volume are the humble effort of the author to express the sublime in the pedestrian language.To make the homilies interesting,illustrative and prosaic the author has commenced every homily with an appropriate story or an anecdote and has included a lot of quotations from the Fathers of the church.The themes for the homilies have been gleaned from the gospel readings and developed in two or three points.These homilies could either be preached in the toto or any one of the points could be developed with additional insights and illustrations.The subjects contained in this volume have been an unfailing source of joy and comfort,of instruction and guidance,of strength and healing to the author.The author fervently prays that this book may be used by the Almighty to lead,all those who peruse it,towards him who is the way,The Truth and the life.


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