Hind Swaraj: Gandhi’s Critique Of Mordern Civilization

Hind Swaraj: Gandhi’s Critique Of Mordern Civilization

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This book contains a critique of modern civilisation and industrialisation according to Gandhi. Based upon the ancient Vedantic wisdom proclaiming the supremacy of spiritual value over material might, thebook goes on to articulate in some depth Gandhiji’s alternative vision for the human race. Bishop Pius has brought sharp and effective scholarship to his study in depth of Hind
Swaraj, explicating many of Gandhiji’s concepts and insights. This book will be of interest not only
to students of Gandhiji but to the general reader who, without accepting Gandhiji’s preindustrialisationworld view, nevertheless realises that the present rush towards super-consumerism and hyper-promiscuity needs to be balanced by a re-articulation of moral and spiritual values. Many of the insights of Gandhiji can help a newdimension into our contemporary thinking, grappling as we are with serious economic, environmental and political crises.

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