Daily Strength (Part II)

Daily Strength (Part II)

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One ounce of wisdom is better than a ton of babblings! Daily Strength consists of such short
inspiring thoughts and epigrammatic sentences which can render one’s life holier, happier and
fuller. There is not a sentence in this book which doesn’t have a bearing directly or obliquely on
the Holy Bible. The thoughts are profusely rich with the Word of God, linked to the streams of
thoughts. It is well organised according to the topics. The wisdom, the wit in each topic lifts the
book far above the level of spiritual books. We find in it the inspiring reflections based on the
Bible to live our lives as a beautiful gift to others will find this book a great source of energy
and motivation. Each time you read this book, no doubt, you will find new charms in it! In
despair you will find verses of promise and in temptation you will find verses of strength. This book is a map that can help us from straying.


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