100 Eucharistic Miracles

100 Eucharistic Miracles


by Fr Antony Netikat , CM


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The Holy Eucharist is the source at which Christian life is nourished. It is the highest   expression of our life in Christ, for it unites us sacramentally with him through the Sacrifice of the Cross. Eucharistic Miracles are God’s gift to mankind to witness to the truth of Christ’s ‘Real Presence’ in the sacrament of the Eucharist as doubts have often been raised about this reality. Under these circumstances, this book “100 Eucharistic Miracles” comes as a precious gift to the followers of Christ to enlighten them concerning the depth of the doctrine on the Holy Eucharist and to inspire them to receive the Holy Communion worthily and devoutly for the nourishment of their spiritual life



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