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    In this remarkable elucidation of the Apostles Creed, Cardinal Ratzinger, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, gives an excellent, modern interpretation of the foundations of Christianity’s basic truths.  It combines a spiritual outlook with a deep knowledge of Scripture and the history of theology.  This book is a solid and contemporary discussion of the fundamental Christian mysteries by a highly regarded theologian.

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    Never has a Pope, in a book length interview, dealt so directly with such wide-ranging and controversial issues as is done in Light of the World.  Taken from a recent weeklong series of interviews with veteran journalist Peter Seewald, this book tackles head-on some of the greatest issues facing the world of in our time.  Seewald poses such forthright questions to Pope Benedict as:

    • What caused the clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?
    • Was there a “cover up”?
    • Does affirming the goodness of the human body mean a plea for “better sex”?
    • Can there be a genuine dialogue with Islam?
    • Should the Church rethink Catholic teaching on priestly celibacy, women priests, contraception, and same-sex relationships?
    • is there a schism in the Catholic Church?
    • Is Christianity the only truth?
    • Can the Pope really speak for Jesus Christ?
    • How can the Pope claim to be “infallible”?
    • Is there a “dictatorship of relativism” today?

    Though Seewald interviews the Pope himself, the journalist “pulls no punches”, posing some of the thorniest questions any Pope has ever had to address. Believers and unbelievers will be fascinated to read Benedict's thoughtful, straightforward and thought-provoking replies.  This is no stern preachment or ponderous theological tract, but a lively, fast-paced, challenging, even entertaining exchange

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