Forty Tales of Good Old Bangalore
Stanley Carvalho
The author speaks of a Bangalore and a way of life which has disappeared before our eyes. How Bangalore has changed! This book threads together some forty stories, in two parts, that embodies an era that has seemingly gone forever. The stories are based on real experiences, personal nostalgia or memory, talking to people, old photographs and articles to make it an immersive experience for readers.

The second part comprises some of ‘middles’ published over the years in the Deccan Herald by the author. They evoke nostalgia, bringing some vignettes of our city’s past alive. ‘Past & Curious’ gives readers a peek into the wistful, quaint charm and old world allure of the once beautiful Bangalore. What gives the book a unique cachet are the wonderfully vivid illustrations by the gifted cartoonist Paul Fernandes.

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Product Description

2016 ed, 176 pp.


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