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  • Interreligious Dialogue – Theology of Sacred Space

  • Media & Society – A Study of Media, Economics, Human Rights & Sociology

    Francis Arackal This book is an attempt to bring together significant topics from Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology in one place. This b


  • Lord The Air Smells Good

  • The Mahatma And Christian Mission Today


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Thus He Preache

These homilies and meditations of Mgr. Mascarenhas... ₹95.00

Towards Righteo

This book is a recipe for inspired living – a rich... ₹250.00

Lent & Eas

Another small volume on Lenten – Readings and psal... ₹90.00

Salt To The Ear

In his book “Salt to the Earth” Fr. Tim Greenway g... ₹300.00

The Dynamics Of

In this remarkable book, Dr. Selvanayagam contends... ₹75.00

Being Beyond Bo

This is a commemorative volume, brought out by the... ₹575.00

History And His

The fascination for the past and the commitment to... ₹425.00

Virtue In Diver

To remind us that virtue is virtue and vice is vic... ₹150.00

Tracing the Va

The author leads the reader into a world of unfath... ₹100.00
David Richo, PhD

The Sacred Hear

This book is based on a combination of extensive r... ₹200.00
Bert Ghezzi

Adventures in D

Dean Koontz, best-selling suspense novelist "Not o... ₹100.00

The God Of Gree

It is very difficult to classify this book. Browsi... ₹350.00

Violence in Tod

This volume contains all the papers presented ... ₹0.00


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Origin of Chris

Apostle Thomas founded the Indian Church in the 1s... ₹250.00

Harvesting From

This is a Festschrift to mark the 25th year of the... ₹300.00

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  • Enchiridion Symbolorum Summary

    This compendium of theological-historical source texts, in a bilingual edition, is completely revised and extended to the pontificate of Benedict XVI. With its unique wealth of official church documen

  • Church And Sustainable Development Summary

    The reflections of this book will make a timely contribution to the important mission of shaping the quali

  • Catechising Through Love Summary

    In this book Rev. Fr. Abhilash Gregory takes up a formidable challenge, and suc

  • Catechism Of The Catholic Church And The Craft Of Catechesis Summary

    This book is unique in its origin, emerging from catechetical friendship encour

  • 52 Bible Characters Dramatized Summary

    This book is on the individual characters in the Bible. It is a compilation of Biblical characters which c

  • Prayer Summary

    This book is wonderful spiritual reading and ideal for use in parish education. You won’t find better au

  • Creed For An Earnest Layman Summary

    The Pope recommends earnest study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, calling it "a precious and indi


  • Good News Bible: With Deuterocanonical Books / Apocrypha (Regular) Summary

  • The New Jerusalem Bible, – Standard EditionPages:2144 Summary

    The books of the Bible were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek over many centuries. The New Jerusalem Bible is a translation from the original languages, together with Introductions, Notes, Cross Re

  • The New Community Bible (Revised)Pages:2284 Summary

    A unique Bible with a running commentary that is attentive to God speaking also in other world religions, and takes into account the multireligious and multicultural context of the modern society. 15,

  • My First Bible Story Book Kenneth Peterson
    My First Bible Story BookNovel by Kenneth Peterson Pages:386 Summary

    Staying close and faithful to the Bible text itself, the stories are presented in a way young listeners and readers will find easy to understand and enjoy. My First Bible Storybook is a great introduc

  • Revised Standard Version The Holy Bible (Catholic Edition)Novel by ATC Summary

  • NLT Holy Bible Burgundy Catholic Edition (Large)Novel by ATC Pages:1528 Summary

  • NLT Holy Bible Deboss Catholic Edition (Large)Novel by ATC Pages:1528 Summary

  • NLT Holy Bible Vinyl Grey Catholic Edition (Large)Novel by ATC Pages:1528 Summary

  • NLT Holy Bible Catholic Edition (Regular)Novel by ATC Summary

    The Holy Bible, New Living Translation, was translated from the original texts of Scripture by 90 leading Bible scholars.  The sole purpose was to create an accurate translation of the Bible in clear

  • ESV – CE (ENGLISH S Asian Trading Corporation
    ESV – CE (ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION – CATHOLIC EDITION) – Regular – HBNovel by Asian Trading Corporation Pages:1200 Summary

  • Wisdom Stories Ignatius Puthiadam S.J.
    Wisdom StoriesNovel by Ignatius Puthiadam S.J. Pages:297 Summary

    The best way to learn wisdom is from experience. In fact, short stories based on our own and on the true experiences of others can teach us wisdom much better than through theoretic

  • The Storyteller’s M Frank Mihalic, SVD
    The Storyteller’s MinuteNovel by Frank Mihalic, SVD Pages:252 Summary

    One-liners, curiosities, examples, parables, snippets of unusual information, folk tales from around the w

  • Funeral Homilies Liam Swords
    Funeral HomiliesNovel by Liam Swords Pages:96 Summary

    This collection of reflective pieces by theologians, liturgists, scripture scholars, historians, journalis

  • Marriage Homilies Liam Swords
    Marriage HomiliesNovel by Liam Swords Pages:95 Summary

    As marriage is unique, to reflect that uniqueness requires something more than easy familiarity with the couple’s first names.

  • The Next 500 Stories Frank Mihalic SVD
    The Next 500 StoriesNovel by Frank Mihalic SVD Pages:264 Summary

    They bridge the centuries between ancient Aesop and the storytellers of today.

  • Creating Stories that Con D. Bruce Seymour
    Creating Stories that ConnectNovel by D. Bruce Seymour Pages:144 Summary

    A Pastor's Guide to Storytelling

  • Launching Pad Sagayanathan
    Launching PadNovel by Sagayanathan Pages:367 Summary

    Stories for Sunday Homilies Year – A, B & C

  • Homiletic Directory Summary

    The book seeks to assimilate the insights of the past fifty years, review them critically, help preachers appreciate the purpose of the homily, and offer them assistance in fulfilling a mission which

  • John’s Sunday Homilies Summary

    This series is a result of prayerful preaching on the Sunday Scriptures by Fr. John Rose to congregations

  • Glimpses Of Glory Summary

    Familiar biblical texts regain their cutting edge in the skilled and creative hands of Dr. Gomes. The book

  • Creating A Happy Family Summary

  • Better Schooling Better Parenting Summary

    At once compassionate and practical in his approach, this book also deals with imparting Moral Science. Th

  • Our Children, Our Future Summary

    A guide to parents on moulding the character of children. One cannot adequately emphasise the importance o

  • River Or The Ocean – A Call for TogethernessNovel by ATC Pages:158 Summary

    Dr. S.  Arulswamy This book is an attempt to bring together significant topics from Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology in one place. This book provide a useful reference to students, fac

  • Realizing The Missionary Mandate Summary

    This book provides the reader with a deeper understanding of Mission and Missio

  • The Roots Of Western Europe Summary

    The author’s aim in writing this book is twofold: to recollect in part the memory of twenty centuries’ western history by integration into its political, social and cultural events and also to sho

  • First Voyage Of The Apostle Thomas Summary

    As a new and bold attempt in the multitude of studies about the Indian mission

  • Roots To Fruits Summary

    The book contains a wealth of information and has retrieved material that lay in old records or minutes and in the memories of some of the protagonists, who played important roles in the formation and

  • Whether We Be Many Or Few Summary

    A thoroughly well researched book of the Brotherhood, this story will not only

  • Darkness To Light Summary

    This is a story of an institution that worked for actualizing the Gospel truths to enhance the quality of life; well educated and sophisticated persons identifying with the dregs of society – the po

  • St. Thomas’ Christians In Madhya Pradesh Summary

    The author has done a remarkable study of history of Christianity in India, wit

  • Tracking Christianity Worldwide Summary

    These are memories of Jacques Rossell who died on November 4th 2008 at the age

  • Communicating In Ministry And Mission Summary

    There are several cross-references made to make the book as practical as possible.

  • From the Upanishads to Au Jean L. Mercier
    From the Upanishads to AurobindoNovel by Jean L. Mercier Pages:134 Summary

    A Critical History of the Key Concepts of Indian Philosophy

  • Search For Human Authenti Shailendra, IMS
    Search For Human AuthenticityNovel by Shailendra, IMS Pages:345 Summary

  • Where Will East & We Werner Chakkalakal, CMI
    Where Will East & West Meet?Novel by Werner Chakkalakal, CMI Pages:141 Summary

    A Reflection on Early Indian & Greek Philosophies on World, God & Man

  • Philosophical Methods Johnson J. Puthenpurackal
    Philosophical MethodsNovel by Johnson J. Puthenpurackal Pages:289 Summary

    Through the Prevalent to a Relevant Papers presented at the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI) Annual Meeting held at Jeevalaya, Bangalore, 23-25 October 2003.

  • Intercultural Philosophy Vincent Gabriel Furtado
    Intercultural Philosophy From Indian PerspectiveNovel by Vincent Gabriel Furtado Pages:207 Summary

    Darshana Research Series 1

  • Origin Destiny Dominic Charles Vas, OCD
    Origin DestinyNovel by Dominic Charles Vas, OCD Pages:526 Summary

    St. Thomas Aquinas & Sri Madhvacharya – A Comparative Critique

  • Centrality of Self in Saiva SiddhantaNovel by George Joseph Pages:260 Summary

    A Well-documented, detailed and thoughtful, V.S. George Joseph’s book manifests a refined understanding of Tamil, philosophical, commentarial dimensions of the Saiva Siddhanta.

  • THE ACPI Encyclopedia Of Johnson J. Puthenpurackal
    THE ACPI Encyclopedia Of Philosophy (2 Volumes)Novel by Johnson J. Puthenpurackal Pages:786 Summary

    It is an encyclopedia of Philosophy produced by the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI), with Johnson J. Puthenpurackal as Editor-in-Chief and George Panthanmackel as Associate Edito

  • Invitation to Wholeness Joy Kaipan sdb
    Invitation to WholenessNovel by Joy Kaipan sdb Pages:97 Summary

    A Journey with Martin Heidegger Today, living in a highly competitive world amidst various kinds of economic recession and gloom, a person constantly worries and struggles to be a winner b

  • On Toleration Summary

    The book explores the question: What is toleration, and attempts to understand the logic and basis of tole

  • The Church Of Mercy Pope Francis
    The Church Of MercyNovel by Pope Francis Pages:190 Summary

    This is a magnificent book, bursting with profound spiritual insights, from Pope Francis, a man who has quickly become one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. It is a co

  • In His Footsteps Through Fr Adolf Washington
    In His Footsteps Through CalvaryNovel by Fr Adolf Washington Pages:76 Summary

    One cannot live an authentic Christian life without discovering the glory of the cross and the sacrifice of Christ. Fr Washington leads us to understand the excruciating pain and ag

  • The New & the Living Joseph Pathrapankal
    The New & the Living WayNovel by Joseph Pathrapankal Pages:145 Summary

    The author has made use of theological insights, appeals, warnings and persuasions to convince the readers why they should stand firm in their faith.

  • Prayers For Committed Ch J. B. Fernandes
    Prayers For Committed Christians (12TH Edition)Novel by J. B. Fernandes Pages:231 Summary

    This is a prayer book for committed Christians – that is Christians for whom Christ is a real person and being Christian means being led in his actions and reactions by the Spirit of Christ.

  • 30-Days Lectio Divina With St.BenedictPages:175 Summary

    A book that is dedicated to the life of St. Benedict and his famous Rule for Monks and to those who love and use the Benedict medal.

  • The Essential Catholic Pr A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication
    The Essential Catholic Prayer BookNovel by A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication Pages:302 Summary

    Bringing together more than 250 traditional prayers and devotions that cover every aspect of the Catholic heritage, this book is a comprehensive, easy-to use resource for those seeking a more satisfyi

  • Rosary Book Alan Cajetan Fernandes
    Rosary BookNovel by Alan Cajetan Fernandes Pages:118 Summary

    The book essentially shows how the prayer is Scriptural, and in the minimum explanation possible, attempts to answer some common doubts raised by our brethren outside the Catholic fraternity. It is no

  • Threshold Of Love Summary

    God has blessed the Marital Love through the sacrament of marriage. Learn more to strengthen the bond of l

  • The Catholic Youth Prayer Book Summary

    Introduce them to traditional and devotional prayers of the Church, as well as to contemporary styles and

  • Pearls Of Prayers Summary

    Ejaculatory Prayers is a handy and simple prayer book for the busy and the new generation. The Ejaculatory

    Recommended by
  • I Thirst Prayers & Spiritual Readings Summary

    The author has not attempted to introduce novel or complicated themes which keep us earth bound, but rathe

  • A Call to Mercy Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C
    A Call to MercyNovel by Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C Pages:384 Summary

    Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve Mother Teresa This new book of unpublished material by a humble yet remarkable woman of faith whose influence is felt as deeply today as it was when she was alive,

  • As The Father Sent Me Summary

    365 texts of Sacred Scripture, Fathers of the Church, saints, theologians, teachings of the Church and witness: A year’s journey that invites us to be rooted in what is essential. We will look at fu

  • Towards A Prophetic Spirituality Of Religious Life Summary

    Prophetic Spirituality like any other spirituality is born of human response to transcendence. How can the

  • The Vessel Summary

    In this book the intention of the author is not to write another research treatise on St. Paul and His wri

  • The Joy Of Priesthood Summary

    He tells us eloquently of the triumph of grace, yet also of the crushing potency of sin; he lets us know w

  • Formation And Transformation Summary

    Matters relating to the initial and ongoing formation of priests and aspects of priestly spirituality are

  • Love Retreat Summary

    This book has been written specifically for those Religious who make annual Retreats. It will be also a so

  • The Priest Summary

    For what our Holy Father has designated the 'Year for Priest', the author chose to make accessible the doc

  • To You My Daughters Summary

    The book To You My Daughters contains 169 letters and messages written by the Servant of God, Mgr. Raymond

  • To Proclaim Your Love Summary

    It is the story of Bethany launching into new missions by the pioneering sisters in the then Pune and Goa

  • The Love of Eternal Wisdom Summary

    St Louis Marie de Montfort was a mystic and a missionary. When he was 30 years old, he was very eager to get united with Wisdom, and he prayed for it day and night. During this period, he was really e

  • A Hidden Pearl Summary

    A timely book about a Saint of our time which explains the favour Jeanne Jugan

  • The Freelancer Summary

    In this book the author has expressed his wide world of imagination. This is no

  • Slaves Of Sultans Summary

    Portugal’s Estado da India and Tipu’s s a l t a n a t - i - k h u d a d a d attempted to replace their religion, customs, and language with those of the State and make them totally dependent on it

  • Dialogue Of The Soul Summary

    This book contains the dialogue of the soul with the Infinite held in the sanctuary of silence. It contain

  • Kurisumala Summary

    Telling the story of Francis Mahieu Acharya’s life means describing the birth and growth of the monaster

  • The Christian Message Summary

    Anyone who reads this book as an honest enquirer will be helped by the author through a convincing present

  • Inside A Catholic Church Summary

    From the baptismal front to the tabernacle, the symbols we see in church stand for realities that point to

  • The Spirituality Of Jesus Christ Summary

    Father Rowe uses clear and concise language, which makes his book a very readable account of the love of J

  • Peace Work Summary

    In these difficult times of fear, anxiety, war and terrorism the author’s message in this book is needed

  • Relevance of the Catholic Fr. Antony Netikat CM
    Relevance of the Catholic Church in Modern WorldNovel by Fr. Antony Netikat CM Pages:293 Summary

    This book being a catechetical interpretation of the Bible will be an effective instrument in the hands of many to get into a real experience of Christ and to lead others to similar experience. A

  • A Study of Marriage Rites Arokiaraj Savarimuthu
    A Study of Marriage RitesNovel by Arokiaraj Savarimuthu Pages:473 Summary

    Roman, Chaldean & Indian Traditions This is an encyclopedic study of the celebration of marriage in Christian tradition. Fr. Arokiaraj guides us methodically towards

  • Asian Faces of Christ Vimal Tirimanna, C.Ss.R.
    Asian Faces of ChristNovel by Vimal Tirimanna, C.Ss.R. Pages:234 Summary

    Theological Colloquium Asia is the cradle of all major religions, ancient cultures and civilizations.

  • Michelangelo & the Kleetus K. Varghese
    Michelangelo & the Human DignityNovel by Kleetus K. Varghese Pages:357 Summary

    The anthropology of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564) is studied with a special reference to his frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, both on the Ceiling (1508 – 1512) and on the altar wall:

  • Methuselah Philip Pereira
    MethuselahNovel by Philip Pereira Pages:156 Summary

    Studies on Minor Characters of the Bible By getting to know these men and women, you will be greatly enriched in your knowledge of God and His ways in the history of hum

  • The Holy Spirit & Ch R.H. Lesser
    The Holy Spirit & Charismatic RenewalNovel by R.H. Lesser Pages:286 Summary

    The appearance at this juncture of this book is of great service to the movement and to every Christian. It is very balanced and comprehensive book. It is written by one who is in the movement, yet no

  • A Hindu-Catholic Summary

    He was a ‘HinduCatholic’, a Christian Sannyasi, prolific writer, educationist, freedom-fighter and edi

  • Catholic Teaching On Violence, War And Peace In Our Contemporary World Summary

    A Redemptorist moral theologian from Sri Lanka, Fr. Tirimanna offers this volume, which contains a collect

  • Sabbath And Jubilee Summary

    It's primary intention is to draw biblical and theological reflection for one of the vital moral issues of

  • Handbook Of Theological Education In World Christianity Summary

    The editors and the publisher particularly pray that the series as a public space will encourage the south

  • Youcat- Youth Prayer Book Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn
    Youcat- Youth Prayer BookNovel by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn Pages:176 Summary

    The book includes modern, new prayers, along with traditional prayers and the timehonored prayers of Holy Scripture.

  • Youcat-Study Guide Summary

    The YOUCAT Study Guide is designed so that the topic sections are modules. They can be used as is, or yout

  • Youcat Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn
    YoucatNovel by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn Pages:330 Summary

    Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith.

  • Good & Evil Summary

    Children the World over have been fascinated, inspired, charmed and educated through the Powerful Medium o


Author History of Inovation

Adolf Washington

Fr. Adolf Washington is a priest of Bangalore Archdiocese, a retreat preacher, former two-time president of the Indian Catholic Press Association and Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of South Asian Religious News, reporter and contributor with The Indian Express and presently columnist with the Deccan Herald and Honorary Chairman (South India) of Emerging Young Leaders International (EYL). His articles appear frequently in international journals and web portals. He has authored ‘Making Marriages Meaningful’ among many other books. Thi

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